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Regenerate Wellness' Peaberry Coffee - Logo + Branding + Packaging Design

Regenerate Wellness

Brand Development • Logo & Brand Design • e-Commerce Web Design • Packaging Design

Project Scope


To develop a health & wellness branding design dedicated to fostering personal transformation and enhancing well-being through the conscientious use of CBD and medicinal mushroom products. My client’s mission centered on harnessing the natural power of these ingredients to offer solutions for stress relief, improved mental clarity, and overall physical health, thereby empowering individuals to lead more balanced and fulfilled lives. Client: Regenrate Wellness


Brand Development, Logo and Brand Design, e-Commerce Web Design, Packaging Design

Logo Design

Health and wellness brand logo crafted to symbolize the transformative and rejuvenating qualities of organic medicinal mushroom supplements.

Health & Wellness Packaging Design

Print Design

B2B Health & Wellness Marketing Design
Printed B2B marketing one-sheet design for Regenerate Wellness, featuring company branding, product benefits, and contact information.
Printed B2B marketing one-sheet design for Regenerate Wellness, featuring company branding, product benefits, and contact information.
Bi-fold brochure design for Regenerate Wellness, featuring eye-catching imagery of organic CBD products, detailed mission statement, and highlighting the brand's commitment to natural wellness solutions

e-Commerce Website Design

Regenerate Wellness - Responsive Website Design - LA Graphic/Web Designer Services

By the time the line was launched, we had created and developed a responsive, e-commerce website that not only showcased our innovative offerings but also ensured a seamless shopping experience for our customers. Integrating AI-driven recommendations, real-time inventory updates, and a secure checkout process, this platform was pivotal in broadening the market reach. Through diligent market research and search engine optimization, we tailored the user experience to meet our target audience’s needs, enhancing engagement and satisfaction. The launch, supported by a targeted digital marketing campaign, exceeded our sales targets, establishing a robust online presence for our brand and laying a solid foundation for future growth in the competitive marketplace.

Responsive Website Banners

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  • 1-2 Logo Concepts: Limited number of design concepts for the client to choose from.
  • 1 Round of Revisions: Allows for minor adjustments to the chosen concept.
  • Final Logo Files: Delivery of the final logo in standard formats (e.g., JPG, PNG).
  • Basic Usage Guidelines: A brief document explaining how to use the logo, including do’s and don’ts.
This package suits small businesses or startups with limited budgets needing a professional logo without the frills.


  • 3-5 Logo Concepts
  • Multiple Rounds of Revisions: More flexibility for making changes to the chosen concept.
  • Color Variations: Includes full-color, black, and white versions of the logo.
  • Basic Brand Guidelines: A more detailed guide including information on color palettes, font types, and how to use the logo across various media.
Ideal for established businesses looking to refresh their brand or new businesses wanting a solid foundation for their brand identity.


  • Multiple Logo Concepts: 5 or more design concepts.
  • Unlimited Revisions: Offers the client the flexibility to revise until fully satisfied.
  • Comprehensive Final Files: Wide range of file types, including vector files (SVG, AI) for scalability.
  • Full Color Variations: Full-color, black, white, and monochrome versions.
  • Extensive Brand Guidelines: Comprehensive document covering all aspects of brand usage, including secondary color palettes, typography, imagery, and application mock-ups.
  • Brand Touchpoints: Design adaptations for business cards, letterhead, and social media profiles.
Best suited for businesses looking for a thorough branding overhaul or startups wanting to establish a strong market presence from the beginning.

Logo Suite

  • Extensive Logo Concepts: A broad selection of initial concepts.
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Full Suite of Final Files: Every possible file format needed for print, digital, and other specific uses.
  • Comprehensive Brand and Style Guidelines: Detailed guidelines that cover every aspect of the brand’s visual and communicative style.
  • Brand Collateral Designs: Includes business cards, letterhead, envelopes, email signatures, social media kit, and other marketing materials.
  • Secondary Logos, Submarks, or Icons: Development of additional brand elements for versatile use across all platforms and media.
This package is aimed at larger organizations or those needing a full brand identity system that encompasses not just the logo but all aspects of the brand’s visual representation.
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